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This is a scene from the popular snuff series titled: 'Snuff Wars'.

WARNING: This story is intended for adults only. It contains snuff (disembowlment/disection).


The next class was on biology. The class was currently exploring the human body and was doing a lesson on dissection. A Mrs. Schulze, the mother of a student in the class had volunteered to help out with this lesson. Mrs. Schulze was a good supportive mother who loved her own daughter extremely and did whatever it took to be a good example to her daughter. She also wanted her daughter to excel in her studies and become a useful member of society. Mrs. Schulze was a role model of a mother and did everything possible to ensure her daughter was getting properly educated and would grow up to become a real woman like herself. She entered the class room at the beginning of the class and Ms Yariman immediately introduced her. Her daughter Karen was incredibly proud of her mother. She had a nice, almost perfect figure and Karen was convinced she would grow up to be her mother’s mirror image and as elegant and graceful as she was.

Ms Yariman then politely asked Mrs. Schulze to take off her clothes and lay down onto the examination table at the front of the class room. Then she called her class to come to the front and surround the table to get a closer and more detailed look. When everybody had come to the front, she unpacked her medical kit and took out her sharp scalpel. Then she asked Karen to secure her mother with the straps on the examination table. Karen dutifully fastened the restraints around her mother’s wrists, legs, shoulders and hips. Then Ms Yariman reminded everybody to pay attention since she would not be able to repeat anything she was going to do for any one who had missed it.

When Mrs. Schulze had been properly secured by her daughter, Ms Yariman took her scalpel and pressed it against her skin below her ribcage. Dark red blood started to flow out of the cut. Karen’s classmate Rebecca had been appointed Ms Yariman’s assistant for this procedure. She pressed a cotton ball against the wound to suck up the blood immediately. Ms Yariman slowly cut Mrs. Schulze open. Then she pulled her skin back towards the sides to reveal the internal organs hidden behind the ribcage. Ms Yariman then continued to cut downwards to open up the belly as well to reveal the dark purple and glistering intestines located there.

Ms Yariman then stuck her finger into the open belly and fished out some of the intestines and pulled it out partially. "This is part of the intestines", she told her class and started to cut it out. Then she placed it on a small table next to her for everybody to see. Nosy fingers poked started to poke around at the small piece of intestines that she had cut out and examined its wetness and elasticity

Next Ms Yariman cut out the liver and placed it next to the intestines. The dark red organ felt soft and fragile. It wasn’t of much interest so she continued to cut Mrs. Schulze further open. Ms Yariman then located the ovaries and cut them out severing them from the fallopian tubes. She placed one of the ovaries onto the table and cut it into halves so that the cross section of it could be seen. Then she pulled out the womb and opened it up. "These are very flexible and can be expanded easily", she told her class while pulling the womb between her hands like an elastic band.

Then she put her scalpel away and picked up a meat cleaver instead. She placed it over Mrs. Schulze’s foot and took aim. Then she precisely chopped off one of her toes. Then another until she had chopped them all off. Mrs. Schulze was whimpering and howling as she was being dismembered but she did not cry or beg for mercy. Once the toes were done Ms Yariman continued with the fingers and the thumbs. Mrs. Schulze eventually was overpowered by her pain and was no longer able to control it any longer. She started to cry out every time one of her fingers was cut off.

When all her fingers had gone as well, Ms Yariman positioned the meat cleaver over Mrs. Schulze’s arm and brought it down at the joints between her upper and lower arm. It separated cleanly at the first hit. Mrs. Schulze screamed out loud as her right arm was chopped off. The same procedure was repeated and her left arm was chopped off as well.

The legs were a little more problematic. Ms Yariman attempted to chop them off as well but the bones were much stronger. The first strike embedded the cleaver half way between Mrs. Schulze’s right knee cap. The second blow made the cleaver get in a little further but it required a total of seven blows until Ms Yariman managed to cut off the limb.

Ms Yariman then retrieved a small electric saw from her bag and switched it on. Using the little but powerful saw she cut off Mrs. Schulze’s other limb without any problems. She then continued to cut off the remainder of the legs. Placing the saw at the hip joints she slowly saw through them as well. Then she also cut off the rest of the arms separating them from the shoulder blades.

This basically reduced Mrs. Schulze to a torso and a head. But the class wasn’t over yet. There were still a few more important parts of the human anatomy which required further and more detailed studies. Ms Yariman put the saw aside and picked up a very sharp gutting knife. She then placed it under Mrs. Schulze’s left breast with the sharp edge of the blade pointing upwards in the direction of her neck. Then she slowly started to cut upwards. Dark red blood ran from the incision where the knife had parted the skin under her breast. Ms Yariman continued her cutting movements pushing and pulling the knife from one side to the other. Gradually she cut through half of the breast while Mrs. Schulze was visibly trembling and getting weaker from the loss of blood. Eventually after some cutting the whole left breast was severed from the body and Ms Yariman placed it neatly onto the cloth on the table. It immediately became soaked in blood leaking from the breast.

The bleeding on Mrs. Schulze’s chest had slowed down as has her heart beat. It had reduced to a slow but still regular beat. Ms Yariman placed her knife under the right breast and started to sever it as well. She grabbed the breast with her left hand and pulled it up and away from Mrs. Schulze’s body while her right hand moved the knife in a sawing motion upwards against the base of her breast. Soon it too was severed and placed next to the other breast.

Once this was finished Ms Yariman started to concentrate on another part of Mrs. Schulze’s body. She walked a step towards the lower half of the body. Then she poked the sharp and pointed edge of her knife into the area above Mrs. Schulze’s colon and started to carefully peel it out. Mrs. Schulze started to moan out loudly at the strange feeling of having her colon removed such savagely. After the removal of the colon, Ms Yariman continued with the removal of Mrs. Schulze’s vagina. She inserted the blade into the area where once the colon had been and started to cut forward and cut around the vaginal area past the pubic mount where the pubic bone was located and carefully cut out the cunt steak from Mrs. Schulze.

She then placed the steak into a doggie bag and put it aside into the freezer. "I’ll take this pretty morsel home for dinner", she exclaimed. "I am sure you girls have seen and eating cunt steaks many times before and don’t require any further examinations of this particular anatomy."

Then she picked up a sharp thin knife shaped like a stiletto but not quite as long as one. She then placed her hand on top of Mrs. Schulze’s forehead and then moved her finger down along her face. The she pried open her eyes with her fingers. "Now, girls, let’s examine the parts inside the skull.", she announced and began to poke out Mrs. Schulze’s eye balls. She popped out the eye balls without any problems and added them to the collection of body parts on the table. "We’ll dissect these later on", she told her class when she laid them down on the table and continued to open up Mrs. Schulze’s jaws wide apart.

Ms Yariman picked up a pair of pliers and pulled out Mrs. Schulze’s tongue. Then she cut it out of her mouth and added the bleeding tongue to her collection on the table. She then quickly cut off the ears as well.

Then Ms Yariman took out yet another set of equipment from her bag. There was a small drill, a shaving set and a circular saw with steel blades. She first shaved Mrs. Schulze’s head. Then she placed the drill against Mrs. Schulze’s temple and started drilling into her skull. Some brain tissue splattered out and hit her in the face when the drill had reached deep enough into the skull. Ms Yariman then put the drill away and started the circular saw. Using it she removed the top cap of the skull to reveal the white brain tissue hidden below it. She poked her index finger into the brain masses and stirred around with her finger. Mrs. Schulze twitched randomly depending on which area of the brain Ms Yariman was stimulating.

When she had had played around enough with the brain, she asked Karen to get a bowl and place it at an angle against her mother’s opened skull. She then scooped out the brain tissues into the bowl. Karen watched excitedly as her mother’s brain was transferred into the bowl she was holding.

Then Ms Yariman went on to the final organ. She ripped Mrs. Schulze’s chest wide open so that her still beating heart was exposed. "Karen, pull it out", she commanded. Karen dutifully inserted her hands into her mother’s wide open chest and moved her fingers around her mother’s heart. She could feel the hearts still beating between her fingers. Then she clenched her fingers together to get a tighter grip onto her mother’s heart and pulled it out with one strong tug.

Blood splattered everywhere when Karen pulled out her mother’s heart. She stood there for a few seconds holding her mother’s heart in her hands. Her face was covered in blood and her clothes was soaked in blood as well. Blood was dripping from her hands. She slowly placed the heart onto the table next to her mother’s other organs.

Ms Yariman praised Karen for her effort and told her to go to the bathroom to wash her face. Then she continued the lesson and examined every organ and body part in more detail with the class.

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